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Email Miner - Free Forensic Tool to Extract Email Address

Email Miner Version 2.1 is a forensic tool used to extract email IDs. It will search all folders and files for strings matching email IDs and write all email ids found as a text file to the given output folder. I use this tool for Email Analysis and then port the output to a Database. Its a great way to find out who is talking to whom from a new hard disk or cyber-crime case. It’s possible to identify close contacts without reading a single email just by counting the numbers of occurrences of email ids.


Changes in Version 2.1

Added option to scan single file


Added functions to analyze files with the following extensions doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, mdb, accdb, accde, rtf, odt, wpd, ods, odp, CSV and pdf as documents without Microsoft Office, Open office or Acrobat Reader being installed.

Email Miner Application

Download Email Miner

Download the Installer and run "Email Miner Setup.exe"  on windows PC


Note : Till further updates are ready, the present download version will only work with files earlier than July 2020


Linux - There is no generic version for linux, however contact us for one that would run on your build