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Information Discovery

Today's Information Audits, legal proceedings, corporate due diligence with regard to information and legal firms require  customs made applications  to process all types of documents, both electronically stored information (ESI) and paper-based materials. Auditdot provides the information Discovery best practices and technologies necessary to store, analyze and discover information  allowing our clients to assess their cases quickly and accurately, saving time and money.


We have over 20 years experience in information crimes. Our electronic data discovery capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. Our custom tools have been used various government agency in solving cyber crimes when no tools such are available ready made in market at the time of the investigation . Our in-house developed technology provides the means for extracting data from large volumes of electronic documents, spreadsheets, e-mails, and a variety of other electronic case data.

Cyber Crime Investigations

The primary goal of this type of investigation is to recover digital information, (both overt and covert), that is pertinent to an investigation and prosecution of the criminal activity being investigated. The objective is to obtain copies of relevant computer records, without in any way altering the contents of the computer upon which those records are stored. A "touched" record could be dismissed as inadmissible evidence in any trial. It is, therefore, essential thats investigators have know the required to knowledge to


Joseph Kodiyil, the founder of Auditdot was instrumental in setting up the Worlds first exclusive Cyber Crime Police Station and has trained their personal in various aspects of Cyber Crime. Joseph Kodiyil has over 15 year;s experience in Information Security and has worked with various police departments including Kochi City Police, Bangalore Police, Cyber Crime Police, COD, Bangalore, Gujarat Police. He has also conducted security workshops for government departments.


Joe has over a decade of rich experience in Operating Systems, Anti Virus, Network and Data Security as a consultant for various companies internationally and in India. He has been responsible for Internet security for over 20,000 websites. He is widely recognized for his ability to uncover flaws in information systems. His knowledge in security is derived from his immense knowledge and vast experience in information systems such as Systems Administrator and IT Manager at various levels in his career. He has developed forensic tools and software based on his experiences to overcome limitations in both software and hardware in countering cyber terrorism and has proposed counter measures.

Forensic Tools

Forensic and information gathering in our DNA. Auditdot's experienced computer forensic analysts will help you retrieve hard to find information from computers and digital storage media. We can develop custom tools specific to your needs  to prepare, examine, process, store data and then make available the information to you for further analysis.


 We make custom tools to Forensically examine computer systems in legal cases to help a small legal team find crucial information evidence in data. We can recover deleted files, information from formated hard drives and search a media bit by bit, index the information found to a database and then provide you access to search. specializes in helping you identify the weak links in your information security management system, and in training you to be better prepared to face the e-security challenges that face you today. Gather evidence against an employee your organization wishes to terminate. Provide expert reports and testimony in both civil and criminal cases.  Analyze a computer systems after a unauthorized access to determine how the intruder gained access and determine the crime motives and help prosecute the offence under various Information technology Laws and Acts. We specialize in database forensics and mobile device forensics.  Our computer forensic analysts can perform on-site and off-site examinations, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

System Administration & Secure Hosting

We can securely develop and host your websites on Auditdots servers. Your sites and information will be under the care of Auditdot experienced administrators. We provide to our clients with fast and secure platform for digitalization of daily processes. We make web attacks difficult for the attackers by using tailor made scripts to render the attack useless.


Whether you require a simple platform to share and store electronic files, a review tool for managing a large set of data or are in need of a custom solution with built-in analytics and predictive coding, we have you covered. Give us a call to set up your free demo!

Lead Generation

Our Expertise in Forensics, Machine Learning and Information Discovery is put to good use to find you the best leads in the industry. We generate our on leads and are  mined as per your requirement for any domain, place. Your leads will not be shared with another client. They are crosschecked with sites to make sure that the lead is still in business. We can provide the business owners name, email ids, phone numbers, social media links, etc. They are verified!


We have been providing UCC /  Merchant Cash Advance leads for 3 years now. The leads we provide are sorted, based on our custom filter, as MCA, B2B or any requirement you specify. Please do let us know the domain details and we can provide a sample set for you to test before you commit.

Computer Assisted  Legal Services

 Auditdot legal services is headed by Advocate Jibin Varghese Kallungal. We can Aid Legal Services in combing large amounts of information. Speed up data analysis. Help you find crucial evidence needed to win. We can make custom tools to import almost all types of data. OCR documents where no digital copies are not available. Provide the legal team in the tools needed analysis of files, file systems, logs, email boxes, chats, social media, corporate mismanagement and  violation of SOP, Software piracy, Information security and data theft.


The founder of Auditdot, Joseph Kodiyi was a consultant\technical adviser to Cyber Crime Police Station at the Corps of Detectives, Government of Karnataka, Kochi City Police and other governmental agencies on Hacking / Internet Security at present. He was also instrumental in setting up the Worlds first exclusive Cyber Crime Police Station and has trained their personal in various aspects of Cyber Crime. He stood as Technical Expert on various Cyber Crime cases in the Information Technology Act 2000 and prosecuted several individuals on the basis of IT Act 2000.


With over a decade of rich experience in Operating Systems, Anti Virus, Network and Data Security as a consultant for various companies through out India, he is currently responsible for security for over 10,000 Internet domains. He has conducted various workshops on Network Security and Data Security, Hacking Proof of Concepts.


If you been bullied, abused online or been the victim of IT Act fraudulently used by corporates.

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